Poppintree Youth Project, through effective and efficient governance and management, provides a well-resourced youth centre with qualified staff whose approach supports young people’s active participation in decision-making, planning and evaluation of the work of the Project.
Poppintree Youth Project supports young people through the transition from childhood to adulthood by offering innovative opportunities for personal and social development; developing confidence and self-esteem; challenging actions and attitudes whilst encouraging and empowering young people to take responsibility for their lives.
Poppintree Youth Project provides evidence based youth development programmes and experiences, which are exciting, informative, relevant and challenging. The programmes and activities are designed to promote active participation, motivate young people to explore issues, and focus on rights and responsibilities to enable young people make informed decisions and choices.
Through collaboration and networking Poppintree Youth Project advocates on behalf of and alongside young people in challenging the inequalities and stigma they can experience arising from their life circumstances. Working collaboratively with other agencies on programmes and initiatives widens the scope of our work enabling the inclusion of young people at a variety of different levels within the local community and beyond.
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