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PYP works with 10-25 year olds in whose individual and collective needs and circumstances put them at risk of not achieving/fulfilling their potential. As a community youth project PYP also undertakes collaborative work with parents/guardians and make links with local community, voluntary, statutory groups/organisations and businesses.

The Poppintree Youth Project is situated in Poppintree, Ballymun within the catchment of the Dublin North West Area Partnership. A local authority housing estate Ballymun in a large urban area on the north side of Dublin now called Ballymun Town. While working in the catchment area of Poppintree the project links collaboratively to initatives within the wider Ballymun area, Dublin city and nationally.

Young people are involved in the design, planning, implementation and evaluation of diverse programmes and activities and contribute to the decision making processes within the project.  In practicing an Open Door policy, intergenerational and collaborative work, PYP ensures a connection between the Project and the community, this is seen as an investment in collective action and a mechanism for change.

Our Model of Practice

Poppintree develops activities and programmes based on the interests and needs of young people and uses an open door policy; planned programmes, group work and individual work to ensure quality communtiy youth work occurs. Age, gender, ethnicity and needs are taken into account as the programme emphasis promotes participation, leadership, conciousness raising and inclusion. Young people are involved in the decision making process of the activities and programmes and the Governance of PYP. The dynamic between youth workers and the young people is based on a community youth work approach which features Empowerment, relationship building, critical consciousness, positive sceptical reflection, active participation, anti oppressive practices; partnership and collective actions.


PYP are Outcomes Focused

 The youth work practice ensures that young people have the ability to analyse, assess and develop effective responses to needs, issues and concerns. Individually young people are more confident; collectively they have a voice. Young people have a better sense of their own image and esteem, are empowered to take ownership and be responsible for the decisions they make. The development of skeptically reflective skills ensures outcomes that take into account consequences of actions. Collectively young people are proud of their achievements, have a sense of awareness of the community and society and understand the importance of citizenship.



A community development model of youth work underpins Poppintree Youth Project’s informal educational and developmental programmes. The work is informative, challenging, innovative and creative and provides opportunities for the personal, social and analytical development of the young people who voluntarily participate. The methodologies are informed by evidence and are progressive.

Poppintree Youth Project is dedicated to the provision of quality youth work supervised by professional management practice. The youth workers are qualified and competent in establishing and maintaining effective youth work relationships. The youth work relationships developed promote open and values honest dialogue and trusting respectful communication.

The integrity of the youth work relationship is central to the engagement of young people as partners. It ensures their involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our programmes and the decision-making structures within the Project.

Poppintree Youth Project by being responsive to diverse needs is flexible and promotes the strengths of young people. It places emphasis on raising young people’s awareness of their own and others life circumstances by developing critical consciousness, promoting equality and equity of outcomes. Through the use of anti-oppressive practices it challenges sexism, racism and all other forms of discrimination.

The well being of young people is paramount within all of PYP programmes and activities. They are monitored on an on-going basis to ensure compliance with all relevant safeguarding legislation and good practice guidelines.

While our programmes and activities are provided in a supportive, safe and healthy environment, they also seek to challenge and encourage young people to move out of their comfort zones.

Poppintree Youth Project values its links with the wider community. It actively fosters links with parents/guardians, community networks and events. This contributes to the community youth work and community development ethos of the Project.


Poppintree Youth Project’s programme initiatives are evidence informed, have a clearly defined rationale. They seek to provide new opportunities and challenges, develop new skills, and ultimately give young people the space to develop confidence, esteem and a critical consciousness.

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